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Sun 27 Aug

From Feist to Bon Iver, from Thousand to Olivier Marguerit, Franco-British Emma Broughton (aka Blumi) has accompanied some vibrant artists. As well as collaborating on some of the best music, this multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has made an amazing start on her own solo project: her debut EP, I Know About You, released in 2021, and last year’s There Is No End in Me. Both these records show us an artist taking her first steps yet who knows how to reach deep into our emotions, elegantly and without overreaching, delivering timeless pop that abides peacefully alongside acoustic and electronic sounds – harmonious music that reveals its admiration for jazz, Joan As a Policewoman and Beth Gibbons. One of her songs is called Everyone Heals, a comforting song that goes a long way towards achieving this end.

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