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Fri 25 Aug
Scène Firestone 22:45

Literally meaning “concrete slab” it’s a strange but rather apt name for this band from Rennes, who have indeed been known to pour and let dry actual concrete during their electro-punk concerts. Part way between quirky artistic event and rebellious performance art, these three Bretons on the Crème Brûlée Records label know how to spark things off while rallying society’s misfits. “Eat your compost in your third place” repeat the lyrics of one of their EPs’ songs, EPs with titles as kooky as the name of their band (Béton Force 9 Fixation 24h EP [Force 9 Cement Dries in 24h EP], Comment Réussir sa Terrasse EP [How to have a great patio EP]). There’s no shortage of totally random inspiration for these reckless thrill-seekers on the verge of a nervous breakdown: the controversial French 49.3 constitutional tool, launch-your-own-business podcasts, training budgets, even former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Their caustic tone is a release for both them and their fans.

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