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Fri 25 Aug

We first met Karin Dreijer when she formed one half of The Knife, a duo established with her brother Olof at the turn of the last century and which for 15 years fed our most exquisite avant-garde electro dreams. Before splitting up, the singer and producer went solo, lending her ageless and genre-less voice to Röyksopp and dEUS. A sideline that turned into a fully-fledged solo project when she became known as Fever Ray and released her first eponymous and haunting album. Featuring her sweeping vocal incantations, this debut album was already imbued with the icy beauty of what was to follow. After 2017’s Plunge and a 2019 EP in collaboration with Björk, the Swede plans to release her third album in March, Radical Romantics, as well as head back on the road with her captivating live show.


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