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Fri 23 Aug
Scène Île-de-France 16:25

Always with a piano at the end of her words, La Siana walks a fine line between poetry and music. As she likes to call them, her “sweet songs” speak of love and happiness, but also of anguish and sorrow. Both pop and rock, her musical style is inspired by artists such as Angèle and Maëlle. She composes, records and mixes alone in her bedroom. This independence gives her the freedom to explore her own artistic universe. Her track “Le pire” marks a transition: La Siana is no longer confined to piano-voice songs. On stage, she is accompanied by two musicians, a drummer (Titouan Schotté) and a guitarist/bassist (Félix Hernandez). Together, they take her compositions, based on Computer-Assisted Music (CAM), and adapt them for a lively, danceable live show. La Siana has always known that singing was the way to lend her voice to certain causes. In her song “Corps de verre”, she denounces a daily hassle for women: always feeling looked at and judged. The artist also plans to release a debut album in the coming year…

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