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Fri 25 Aug

Just like Jamie XX and Oliver Sim, her The XX co-members, Romy Madley Croft is also taking a break to work on a dazzling solo project following her debut single, Lifetime, released in 2020. This single shone a bright light on her Eurodance aspirations – a real work of self-affirmation for the discreet singer of the British three-piece. Her second single, the aptly named Strong released last November, maintains the same club sounds but this time she’s not alone, the London-based producer, DJ and artist Fred Again.. features on the new track where tenderness and the desire for intimacy fuse with an electro dynamism. In an interview for the BBC at the beginning of the year, Romy announced that her first solo album was nearly finished and that The XX were also going to release new songs, all of which is great news!

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