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Sat 26 Aug
Scène Cascade 18:30

Tamino is one of those artists who have the magical power of suspending time as soon as they open their mouths: a kind of audio enchantment which we succumb to without a fight. His four-octave voice and his first album (Amir, 2018) have rightly seen him compared to the much-missed Jeff Buckley, with whom he shares many influences (for example, Edith Piaf and Leonard Cohen). Fortunately, this 26-year-old from Antwerp has been able to break free from these comparisons. On his second album, Sahar, released last September, he focuses his soaring lyrical prowess on a more muted atmospheric folk, without for a second renouncing his DNA, in particular his oriental flourishes reminiscent of the voice of his grandfather, the Egyptian singer Moharram Fouad. We can’t wait to see him for a second time at Rock en Seine.

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