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Everything is organised to protect festival-goers from crowd movements (jostling, etc.) in front of the stages. For the safety of all, crowd-surfing (lying on the raised arms of spectators) is forbidden.

It is also forbidden, during the festival, to be aggressive by gestures or words.

In case of problems, the person will have to leave the festival. They will be taken to the police.

For this 2022 edition, Rock en Seine is setting up a prevention, awareness and support system to fight against sexist and sexual violence and harassment. Prevention and awareness-raising are provided in partnership with the feminist collective #NousToutes.

Meet the volunteers of the collective on the #NousToutes prevention stand to discover their actions and learn more about the issues at stake in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence.
Marauding activities will also be organised during the festival to meet festivalgoers.

#NousToutes is a feminist collective open to all, made up of volunteer activists whose objective is to put an end to the sexist and sexual violence of which women, gender minorities and children are massively victims in France.
The collective has two main objectives:

  • To raise public awareness of the facts and mechanisms of gender-based and sexual violence through actions in the field, communications and training
  • To demand effective public policies against gender-based violence in terms of budget and methods


The initiative is accompanied by a safe zone, located just behind the #NousToutes prevention stand. This complementary space will welcome people exposed to violent, discriminating and/or oppressive behaviour, who need to calm down, listen and find guidance. For this purpose, the festival has called upon the association Elle’s Imagine’nt, which specialises in the fight against violence, and which, thanks to their professional expertise, will be able to provide care for potential victims.


Gender-based and sexual violence is any act committed against a person’s will and based on the different roles that society assigns to men and women and on unequal power relations. It includes the threat of violence and coercion. This violence has significant consequences for the victims and must not be minimised or trivialised. The listening services offered by the associations to victims of this violence within the festival must be able to break the silence and enable people who wish to talk about it to find a sympathetic ear and guidance to help them.


Let’s defend together the values of benevolence, tolerance and respect, not only during the festival, but also in the hours before and after.

Tumeplay is a mobile application that supports young people in learning about sexual health in a fun and reliable way, providing them with the necessary resources and tools to help them discover and explore their sexuality in a positive and responsible way.

The team of this state-owned startup, incubated within the Fabrique du Numérique des Ministères Sociaux, will be present at Rock en Seine, from 25 to 28 August.

Tumeplay will propose various interventions aiming at freeing the expression around sexuality (well-being and health, knowledge of one’s body and its pleasures), through drawing and discussion.

The health prevention association returns this year under the tent of the Île-de-France Region.

Around a water bar, the team will welcome festival-goers for an animation on consent in a festive environment (Safe Vibes Only) and the proposal to discover, as a group or as a family, their strengths of character (That’s really you!). In a chill-out area, holiday notebooks unlike any other are proposed: the committed notebooks! Festival-goers will be able to sit on deckchairs and enjoy four editions: bodypositive, gender equality, mental health and sexual health and discrimination.

Between two concerts, you’ll come across entertainers strolling around the lawns to meet the public, answering their questions and offering them flash games with, at the end, a glittery make-up…
And to make sure that the party is safe, the Crips will be handing out condoms, earplugs, pocket ashtrays…

Visit the Vigicarotte by MAAF stand and test your knowledge with a number of activities to entertain and reward you.

To prevent hearing risks, earplugs are distributed free of charge by the Île-de-France Region and more specific equipment is available on the Alpine x Alain Afflelou Acousticien stand.