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At the entrance to the festival, all people and bags will be checked. This may take some time. Please arrive early!

The locker is not a cloakroom, it only concerns objects considered dangerous which will be confiscated during the controls. We will not take backpacks, suitcases etc.

Opening hours of the locker room :

  • 14:00 to 01:30 on Friday and Saturday
  • 1pm to 12:30am on Sunday.

These items are not allowed throughout the festival, even at the locker:

  • suitcases and bags larger than 24 litres (24 x 45cm maximum)
  • recording devices, cameras, professional cameras
  • electronic devices, speakers, computers, headphones, phone batteries…
  • selfie sticks
  • glass bottles, cans, all large bottles (over 50 cl)
  • aerosols, perfume bottles, gas bottles and gas stoves…
  • gas bottles and gas stoves
  • smoke bombs, explosive liquids or liquids that can catch fire (petrol, etc.)
  • weapons, sharp objects, blunt objects or objects that could be dangerous
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • drone
  • Large flags, large pointed umbrellas, laser pointers and other objects that
  • can be dangerous to spectators
  • Objects that make noise: sirens, megaphones, etc.
  • Large quantities of food, drink and cigarettes will be refused
  • Motorbike helmets

  • large flags, large pointed umbrellas, laser pointers and other objects that can be dangerous to spectators
  • objects used to make noise: sirens, megaphones
  • Large quantities of food and cigarettes will be refused.

  • small umbrellas that close
  • small folding chairs
  • small backpacks of up to 24 litres (24 x 45 cm), such as Eastpacks
  • water bottles of less than 50 cl.
  • Empty water bottles (except for glass bottles) with a capacity of less than 50cl

Everything is organised to protect festival-goers from crowd movements (jostling, etc.) in front of the stages. For the safety of all, crowd-surfing (lying on the raised arms of spectators) is forbidden.

It is also forbidden, during the festival, to be aggressive by gestures or words.

In case of problems, the person will have to leave the festival. They will be taken to the police.

It is forbidden to bring alcohol to the festival.

Reminder: the sale of alcohol is forbidden to people under 18 years old. An identity card will be required.

And drinking a lot of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Drink only a small amount!

The festival is very pet-friendly, but animals are not allowed on the festival, except for guide dogs.

It is forbidden to bring cameras or audio recorders to the festival.

Have you found an object?

To bring a smile back to the face of a festival-goer who has lost it, bring it to the festival reception point, opposite the Mini Rock en Seine.

You have lost an object?

If you’re lucky, it’s at a reception point where our lost property service providers will be waiting for you.

The festival will soon announce the procedure to follow after the event.

Medical posts are set up at various locations during the festival. These stations are clearly visible and anyone can go there to seek medical advice or help. Prescriptions will not be given, but emergency care will be available. If necessary, the person can be referred to a doctor or hospital.