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Gates open at 3:30pm on Thursday, 3pm on Friday, 2pm on Saturday, 1pm on Sunday and 5pm on Tuesday. 

Concerts start approximately 45min after gates open.

All concerts finish before the last metro and tram: around 12.30am on Saturday (for Friday) and Sunday (for Saturday) and 11.30pm on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday.

Have you found an object?

To bring a smile back to the face of a festival-goer who has lost it, bring it to the festival reception point.

You have lost an object?

If you’re lucky, it’s at a reception point where our lost property service providers will be waiting for you.

You also have access to our online service to report a lost item or if you find one here.

The festival will soon announce the procedure to follow after the event.

Medical posts are set up at various locations during the festival. These stations are clearly visible and anyone can go there to seek medical advice or help. Prescriptions will not be given, but emergency care will be available. If necessary, the person can be referred to a doctor or hospital.