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Screening - Sitos, Kinshasa sur le qui-vive

Screening - Sitos, Kinshasa sur le qui-vive

Friday 19 Jul / 17:00 - 17:12

By Florent de La Tullaye / France / Kinshasa – 2022 – 12 min

Kinshasa lives and vibrates to the rhythms of an unclassified musical genre, “zagué”, which borrows as much from local rhythms as from electronic energy. Florent de la Tullaye (Benda Bilili, 2009), a connoisseur of the Kinshasa scene, offers us a lively and electrifying documentary on one of Kin’s heroes.

With the presence of the director Florent de la Tullaye, d’Olivier Forest et Benoît Hické, curators of the FAME festival and an exchange with the audience.

In partnership with FAME