Firestone at Rock en Seine


Le 10 Aug

Discover The Firestone Stage line-up at Rock en Seine

Firestone Live is back in the City of Light and ready to bring a fresh line-up to perform at Rock en Seine. Discover the 9 new artists and bands that will perform on The Firestone Stage.

Royaume is one of the best breakthrough bands on the French music scene. A Parisian duo, Yumi Aoki and Moon Boy, incorporate striking vocals and synth backdrops to create beautiful, upbeat tracks that invite listeners to get lost in the music.

Hailing from Halifax, The Orielles are sisters Sidonie B and Esmé Dee Hand Halford and their best friend, Henry Carlyle Wade. Drawing inspiration from cinema, literature and more, this trio goes beyond the atypical indie band to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

Welshly Arms is an American rock band from Cleveland that rose to the top of the alternative music charts thanks to the success of their debut album Legendary. With experience performing all over the globe, this band truly knows how to make every audience feel at home at their shows.

Deaf Havana is an English alternative rock band from Norfolk. Since forming the group in 2005, the band’s been through ups and downs but is back with a fresh batch of catchy songs from their latest album,  All These Countless Nights.

Deemed “Best New Band” by Rolling Stone and MIN Music Independent, Belako is a post-punk and electronic music group you ought to know. Since releasing their debut album in 2013, and touring non-stop through Spain and Europe, the group is back in Paris and ready to debut songs from their sophomore album.

A 7-headed garage rock hydra from Adelaide, Australia, West Thebarton‘s nom-de-plume catapulted them into bars, bills and best of lists. Although the group claims their hometown is far from a bustling music metropolis, there is more than enough inspiration to create their catchy songs and grab 6 Australian Music Award nominations along the way.

Starting as a collaboration between high school friends Jazz Rodriguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas, Mourn quickly grew from a duo to a quartet adding drummer Antonio Postius and bassist Leia Rodriguez. The group’s come a long way since their early songwriting days to creating raw, passionate material.

Self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, Johan Papaconstantino, produces contemporary music that resonates with a global audience. A member of the band Riot, Papaconstantino is a talented performer who draws inspiration from his art and Greek heritage.

A pop trio with live orchestration and electronic sounds, Waste is a French band, you need to know. As the winners of this year’s Firestone Music Talents, a regional talent competition, the members will have the opportunity to work with prominent English singer-songwriter Julian Peretta and prepare their music to perform live on The Firestone Stage at Rock en Seine.

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