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Mini Rock en Seine

Registration for Mini Rock en Seine

The Mini Rock is only for children of festival goers.

A place of artistic and cultural discovery for children and a real territory of expression, Mini Rock en Seine intends to give tomorrow’s festival-goers the basics of what older people love about music, rock culture and festivals!

Aspiring rockers, from 6 to 12 years old (born after 24 August 2010), are welcomed for free in a fun and instructive space, a festival for them and far from the crowd! An exclusive programme is dedicated to them throughout the day with lots of entertainment.

This year again, Rock en Seine will pay particular attention to the programme, registration is still open. See you at the Mini RES from 25 to 28 August 2022 (the space will be closed on 30 August during the Rage against the machine concert).

Registration by form required before 23 August 2022 at noon (subject to availability).

Conditions of access to Mini Rock en Seine

  • Access to the Mini Rock en Seine is reserved for children aged 6 to 12 years (born after 24 August 2010), subject to availability.
  • This year the Mini Rock en Seine will be open from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 August at the following hours :
    • Thursday : 4pm – 9.30pm
    • Friday and Saturday : 4pm – 10pm
    • Sunday : 3pm – 9pm
  • When registering, it is imperative to attach a recent photo of your child and a copy of the identity card of the adult(s) responsible. This ID must be presented when the child arrives at Mini Rock en Seine and each time you pick them up.
  • Upon arrival and after verification of registration, you will be offered a tour of Mini Rock en Seine with your child. Adults will then be asked to join the general public area: Mini Rock en Seine is ONLY for children!
  • You will be able to pick up and drop off your child freely at any time.
  • Please provide us with a mobile phone number where we can reach you, and make sure you leave it on during the whole festival.

Please note: No child will be accepted or removed from Mini Rock en Seine if these conditions are not met.

Evening meals will not be provided by the festival within the Mini Rock en Seine. It is therefore up to the parents to provide a picnic if they want their child to dine in the Mini Rock en Seine.
If you would like your child to dine with you in the general public area, please respect the time slot of 7pm to 8.30pm, and let us know your choice.

The children are cared for and supervised by qualified early childhood professionals.

Security guards and a first aid post will be present on the Mini Rock en Seine site.

To validate your child’s registration for Mini Rock en Seine, please fill in this form in full and submit the responsible parent’s ID (PDF or JPG format).

Please note that if you wish to register more than one child for Mini Rock en Seine, please fill in a separate form for each child with the required attachments.


Rock en Seine is a rock festival. The sound can be loud and festival-goers can be agitated. For the safety of the youngest, the festival is forbidden to children under the age of 3. It is strongly advised to wait until your children are 6 years old before attending Rock en Seine with them.

  • Admission to Rock en Seine is free for children under 11 years old (born after 24 August 2011) when accompanied by a ticketed adult.
  • Each child must have an invitation to enter the festival. Invitations are available on the ticket page.
  • To get an invitation for your child, select the day of your choice on the ticket office and enter the corresponding code in the box “If you have been given an access code, please enter it below”.

    Here are the different codes: 

    • Thursday, code: KID25 (SOLD OUT)
    • Friday, code: KID26 (SOLD OUT)
    • Saturday, code: KID27 (SOLD OUT)
    • Sunday, code: KID28 (SOLD OUT)
  • Please note: The Golden Pit and the Garden will not be accessible to children with the invitation. If you want your children to access these areas with you, they must have the corresponding paid ticket.
  • Identification of the child and the responsible adult will be required at the entrance to the festival. Minors accompanied by an adult other than a parent must present a parental authorisation form which can be downloaded from www.rockenseine.com

Minors who are not accompanied by a legal representative must be in possession of a parental authorisation which can be downloaded here.

  • Young rockers, from 6 to 12 years old (born after 24 August 2010), can be welcomed at Mini Rock en Seine. It’s a festival for them, far from the crowd! On the programme: lots of activities to have fun, discover and become a real rocker. The Mini Rock will be accessible on registration, places will be limited. More information will be available soon on the Mini Rock en Seine.
  • Children aged 11 and 12 must be in possession of a paid ticket (reduced rate, regular or other) if they want to enjoy Mini Rock en Seine.