Every year since 2010, Rock en Seine is committed to causes that are close to its heart by proposing to charities and foundations working for the general interest to invest the festival to make known and share the project they defend.

These structures, different each year, benefit from an equipped space offered on the festival and the possibility to sensitize up to 120,000 festival-goers to their causes and projects for 3 days.

This year once again, Rock en Seine launched a call for projects to select the associations and foundations present at the 2019 edition! A booth during the event, but also visibility assured on many of the communication media of the festival, a communication relay proposed by the specialized media Carenews, and finally a support for the fundraising offered by Commeon.

The associations or foundations, which succeeded La Cloche, Le Refuge et SOS Méditerranée welcomed in 2018, were selected by a jury composed of the festival team and our partners Carenews and Commeon.

Les associations ou fondations qui succèdent à La Cloche, Le Refuge et SOS Méditerranée, accueillies en 2018
ont été sélectionnées par u
n jury composé de l’équipe du festival et des partenaires du projet.

Consentis, accompanied by the associations HandsAway and Stop Harcèlement de Rue, stands united in the fight against harassment and sexist and sexual assault throughout the public sphere (streets, public transport, festive places). Through this initiative, they seek to initiate a movement to make public space a place where everyone feels safe, regardless of gender, age, origin, religion, dress, sexual orientation or disability, and where discrimination or violence has no place.

The Entourage network makes it possible to take concrete action in the face of the loneliness of the homeless people we meet every day, when we do not necessarily know how to do it or where to start. On the Entourage platform, every citizen can take action by joining solidarity initiatives launched by neighbours or associations: help to redo a CV, organise a collection of hygiene products, have a coffee and discuss…

Planète Urgence, an international solidarity association founded in 2000, works to empower people and protect the environment through volunteering and reforestation. For 1€ donated, 1 tree is planted on its projects in Indonesia, Madagascar or Cameroon, countries classified among the 10 most deforested countries in the world. Planète Urgence combines reforestation and economic development through the sustainable and common management of natural resources.