On 2, 3 and 4 June, for the second year in a row the Forum des Halles is inviting Île-de-France’s biggest rock festival to come and set the capital’s heart racing! The programme includes free concerts with the best of today’s musical scene (terrace on first floor) and entertainment to immerse audiences in the world of Rock en Seine (patio on third floor).

Following the huge success of the 2016 event, Rock en Seine and the Forum des Halles are delighted to once again offer audiences this series of free performances.

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17h30 : Barbagallo 

It takes concentration to keep up with the countless ramifications of the wide-ranging career enjoyed by Barbagallo (first name Julien): drummer for Tame Impala since 2012, collaborator with Tahiti 80, and member of Aquaserge and Hyperclean, to name just a few examples, and if that weren’t enough, this musician from Toulouse also has his own solo side projects which are all worthy of our attention. Released last autumn, Grand Chien – his second album under his own name – places him among the pedigree elite. Exuding precision and calm, he pays tribute to the sunny Anglo-Saxon pop which has always been his guiding light, but also to the most graceful elements of the French song of yesteryear (Michel Polnareff, Yves Simon). ‘Forget me’, he humbly sings on one track from his new album: not a chance.


19h00 : Peter Peter 

A singer of many hats (songwriter, producer, lyricist and more), Peter Peter is back and more fascinating than ever with Noir Eden, a new album unveiled in early February. Created in Paris and Montreal, this compendium of intense songs is the work of a personality which is gaining depth before our very eyes. Peter Peter is still exploring melancholic pop, but this time with more of an electronic touch: a new way of showcasing his charisma on the stage. Hitting the big time in France with his second album Une version améliorée de la tristesse, filled with pop as dark as it is sparkling, this hot tip from Quebec has achieved the impossible: he has taken a certain modern, refined concept of variety – with French texts as polished as the music and the production – and restored it to its former glory.


17h30 : Findlay 

She may have a flowery first name, but it is under her last name that Natalie Rose Findlay has chosen to make her stand. Raised in the Manchester suburbs, she settled in London with her electric guitar, the chosen instrument of this spiritual successor to PJ Harvey and Alison Mosshart. Onstage she proves herself to be the equal of her influences, embodying the mood swings of her debut album Forgotten Pleasures. This English rose also knows how to leave rock behind for other shores, adding a punch of electro or dream pop here and there. If you want a sense of this intoxicating cocktail then just listen to her single Waste My Time – but heading to see her on stage definitely won’t be a waste of yours.




19h00 : Her

On one hand we have Victor Solf, born in Germany and raised on krautrock – and on the other Simon Carpentier, who lived in the UK where he immersed himself in the albums of Otis Redding and Al Green. The two of them together make Her. The choice of a female pronoun describes not the band members but rather their theme of choice ever since they were formed in 2015, namely femininity in all its complexity. Sensual and velvety, the soul pop offered up by this French duo aims to be as crafted and elegant as their dandy style. Even though they have not yet released a single album, their heady music is already an earworm: you might have heard their song Five Minutes in an iPhone ad. Her Tape #2 (released in April), the latest addition to their EP portfolio, takes them another step closer to the highest echelons of the scene.



15h30 : Clara Luciani

Before launching her solo career, Clara Luciani started out as part of the crazy collective La Femme: the perfect place to build her arsenal, overcome her inhibitions and accumulate utterly unique expertise. Touring taught her how to feel comfortable on stage and express her hypnotic personality, and you may also have come across her opening for Benjamin Biolay or on Nekfeu’s latest album (with the duet Avant tu riais). In late April, this former history student from northern Marseille released her debut EP Monstre d’Amour, a work of striking maturity and depth. She is a stand-out success among today’s new wave of French singers, taking up the baton from female greats such as Françoise Hardy and Barbara.



17h00 : Papooz

This Parisian duo were the fruit of when Armand Pénicaut (the blond one) met Ulysse Cottin (the brown-haired one): rich fruit with sweet nectar, sugary and utterly thirst-quenching. Papooz’s delicious music is best enjoyed as shown on the cover of their debut album Green Juice, released last year: barefoot with the sun in their eyes, these two friends with beaming smiles are stretched languidly on a bed amid a tropical jungle. Combining radiant joy with fleeting melancholy, their exotic songs are inspired by bossa nova, ancestral folk, Californian pop of the 60s and 70s (in particular The Beach Boys) and gypsy jazz. These impeccable influences are tinged with their own unique style and androgynous voices which light up everything in their path.



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