On the spot

Security checks

All people and bags will be checked at the festival entrance. This may take time, so please arrive early!

Left luggage

Please note that items which could be considered dangerous will not be accepted by left luggage. We do not accept bags and luggage. 

Left luggage opening hours:

– 2 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday

– 1 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Sunday


Prohibited items

The following items are not permitted anywhere at the festival, including in the left luggage area:

  • Suitcases and bags bigger than 24 liter
  • recorders, cameras, professional cameras
  • selfie sticks
  • glass bottles, can and bottles bigger than 50cl
  • gas bottles and perfum
  • gas cooking equipment for camping
  • smoke, explosive liquids or that can catch fire (gasoline …)
  • weapons, sharp objects or that can be dangerous
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • drone

Items which will be confiscated during security checks

– Flags, large sharp umbrellas, laser pointers and other items which could be dangerous to spectators

– Items which make noise, e.g. sirens or megaphones

– Overly large quantities of food or cigarettes will not be permitted

Permitted items

– Small collapsible umbrellas

– Small folding chairs

– Small rucksacks, maximum 24 l (24 x 45 cm)

– Water bottles under 500 ml (the cap will be removed)


We have done all we can to ensure that festival-goers are protected from crowd movement (pushing etc.) in front of stages. For everyone’s safety, crowd surfing (stretching out carried by spectators’ outstretched arms) is not permitted.

Aggressive actions or words are also not permitted during the festival. 

If there are any issues where the law is not being adhered to, the person in question will be required to leave the festival and will be handed over to the police.


Bringing alcohol into the festival is not permitted.

Reminder: the sale of alcohol to people aged under 18 is not permitted. You will be asked to show an ID card.

In addition, drinking large quantities of alcohol is harmful to the health. Enjoy in moderation!


The festival loves animals, but they are not allowed into the festival (with the exception of guide dogs).

Photos and videos

You may not bring any cameras, video cameras or sound recording devices into the festival. 

Mobile Application

Download now : http://oneevent-oneapp.com/rockenseine-2017/

Food and drink

Hungry? The festival has food available to suit every taste: quick meals, gourmet dishes, organic, American and more. Visit our three ‘restaurant villages’:

– World cuisine

– Local cuisine

– Food truck area

Thirsty? Explore our themed bars (wine or fizz bars, Guinness pub and more)!

You can also bring in your own food, but only in small quantities (not enough to feed the entire festival), and small bottles of water (less than 500 ml, the cap will be removed).

First aid stations

You can visit a medical station if you need advice or have a health question. There are numerous stations around the festival. You will not be able to obtain a prescription, but emergency first aid is available. If required you will be directed to a doctor, hospital or other suitable facility.

Want some water?

Free drinking water is available at various points across the festival (see the water points shown on the map).

Remember to drink lots of water!


In dire straits? There are lots of toilets set up across the festival.

Protect your ears!

Earplugs are available free of charge from the Ile-de-France Region stand.

Where? At the festival’s two reception points

Found something?

To put a smile on the face of another festival-goer, take it to one of the two festival reception points.

Lost something?

– If you are lucky it will be at a reception point

– Report your loss and view a list of lost property at this link: rockeneseine.franceobjetstrouves.fr

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