Can I get a refund if I’m not interested in the 2021 line-up?

If you bought your ticket from, or, you can wait to see if the 2020 line-up is retained for the 2021 edition before deciding.When the 2021 line-up is announced, you can choose to either keep your ticket or request a refund.If you bought your ticket from the France Billet or Ticketmaster network, you cannot keep your ticket for 2021. You must request a refund before 11 August 2020.

I bought my ticket from the France Billet network (Fnac Spectacles, France Billet, Carrefour, Magasins U, Géant Casino, Intermarché, Showroomprivé) or Ticketmaster network (, Leclerc, Cultura, Auchan, Cora), is it valid for the 2021 festival?

Tickets bought from the France Billet or Ticketmaster networks are not valid for the 2021 edition. You must request a refund before 11 August 2020.
If the 2020 line-up is maintained in 2021, you will have pre-sale access to 2021 tickets and have the opportunity to acquire new festival tickets at the same price as 2020 tickets. We will contact you by email via your point of purchase when the first 2021 names are announced.

I bought several tickets in a single order, can I get a refund for just one ticket?

It’s not possible to have a partial refund. Refunds must be requested for the whole order.

I bought my ticket from but I haven’t received my ticket.

Don’t worry, 2020 tickets have not been dispatched so this is normal. However, you should have received a purchase confirmation when you placed your order. Keep this confirmation safe; you will need the order information if you want to keep your ticket for 2021 or if you decide to request a refund.

I bought my ticket from but I haven’t received an email confirmation.

Write to detailing the contact information you gave when you placed your order: e-mail address, name and surname.

I paid for cancellation insurance; will I be refunded?

Cancellation insurance is non-refundable.

I’ve lost the paper ticket I bought in-store.

Return to your point of purchase to see if they can refund you if you supply the information used when you placed your order with them.

I bought my ticket from my works council (CE: comité d’entreprise), how can I get a refund?

Contact your works council who will tell you how to obtain a refund.

I bought a reduced-price ticket; will it be valid for 2021?

You can choose to keep your reduced-price ticket when the 2021 line-up is announced, exceptionally it will still be valid for 2021.

IMPORTANT: Keep a copy of the supporting document (dated 2020) that gave you access to the reduction. You will need to show it with your ticket when you enter the festival site.

I bought a Golden Pit, Garden, or Early entrance ticket. If I decide to keep my ticket for 2021, will I still have the same benefits?

When the 2021 line-up is announced, if you choose to keep your ticket it will give you access to the same services associated with that ticket type.

If you have a question that’s not listed here, contact your point of purchase: : : :
France Billet (, Fnac, Carrefour, Magasins Géant, Magasins U, Intermarché) :
Ticketmaster (, Leclerc, Cultura, Auchan, Cora) :


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