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Responsable d’édition : Matthieu Ducos


Siège Social
10-12 rue Maurice Grimaud 75018 Paris
SIRET :450 684 550 000 20
APE: 9001Z
TVA : FR 534 506 845 50
LICENCE N° 2 : L-R-21-9269 / LICENCE N° 3 : L-R-21-9270


M. DUCOS, en qualité de Directeur


Clair et Net
7 rue sainte Félicité
75015 Paris – France


Technopole du Futuroscope
86360 Chasseneuil

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At Rock en Seine, we treat personal data with the utmost respect. This means that any personal information you have shared or will share with us is kept secure. We will never sell your data to another company, whether a partner or not. Below, we tell you more about the use and storage of your personal data.


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