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Renard Tortue Winner of the Firestone Springboard!

11 Jul 2022
Renard Tortue Winner of the Firestone Springboard!

The Firestone Stage is back

Driven by music, Firestone gives a chance to up-and-coming bands who are working hard to make it big. This year’s line-up includes: ANIMAL TRISTE, BABY QUEEN, BLU SAMU, CRAWLERS, DEHD, DONNA BLUE, HEY DJAN, KLANGSTOF, LUCY BLUE, LULU VAN TRAPP, MR. GISCARD, NEWDAD, OLIVIA DEAN, ORACLE SISTERS, PARLOR SNAKES, POGO CAR CRASH CONTROL, SHAGA, as well as the winner of the Road to the Main Stage competition RENARD TORTUE. Which is about to break through? Join us at the Firestone Stage to see for yourself!

When the bands aren’t giving you their all, you can sit back and relax with the tyre company’s other festival entertainment. Stick around to enjoy a quick game at the Firestone booth and win cool prizes.

At any festival, you’re bound to hook up with old friends and meet new people. If so, Firestone has a special treat for you and your friends while you’re chilling at the Firestone booth. Why not get a tattoo that represents your music preferences together with your friend in between shows?