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A festival that discovers talent

26 Aug 2022
A festival that discovers talent

Through the “Club Avant Seine” and the “Première Seine” programme, Rock en Seine reaffirms its desire to support and see young musical creation emerge.

The DNA of Rock en Seine is obviously to welcome known and recognized bands, artists and singers. Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stromae, Kraftwerk and Tame Impala are proving it again this year.

But the festival also has another mission: to promote emerging artists via the “Club Avant Seine” and to allow high school musicians (from the Île-de-France region) to play on stage via the “Première Seine” programme. This objective gives Rock en Seine its dimension of “discoverer” and “nursery” of talents.


The 2022 programme of the Club Avant Seine is made up of groups from the Ile-de-France and the rest of France:

  • Ravage Club (Thursday 25 August at 5.45pm on the Île-de-France stage)
  • Gwendoline (Friday 26 August at 3.45pm on the Bosquet Stage)
  • HSRS (Friday 26 August at 8pm on the Ile-de-France Stage)
  • Anna Majidson (Friday 26 August at 10.25pm on the Ile-de-France Stage)
  • Kids Return (Saturday 27 August at 2.45pm on the Bosquet stage)
  • Bryan’s Magic Tears (Saturday 27 August at 4.05pm on the Bosquet stage)
  • Ottis Coeur (Sunday 28 August at 1.50 pm on the Bosquet stage)
  • Quasi Qui (Sunday 28 August at 8.15pm on the Scène Île-de-France)

These emerging artists, promising and real favourites of Rock en Seine will join a club where artists such as Lily Wood And The Prick, Jeanne Added, Feu! Chatterton, Hyphen Hyphen, Thérapie Taxi, Fauve, Malik Djoudi have already played…

Photo Credit: Victor Picon


The adage “Value does not wait for the number of years” is particularly true with the Première Seine programme, of which this 5th edition will allow 6 high school groups from the Île-de-France region to perform at Rock en Seine.

This year, the six groups in Première Seine‘s 2022 programme went through a selection process organised throughout the region (via local musical springboards, concerts, etc., all under the guidance of a jury) and then coaching to prepare them for the stage:

  • She’sLate (Friday 26 August at 4.30 pm on the Île-de-France stage)
  • The Initiativ (Friday 26 August at 6pm on the Ile-de-France stage)
  • Lena Maegden (Saturday 27 August at 3.25pm on the Ile-de-France stage)
  • Going Forward (Saturday 27 August at 4.45pm on the Ile-de-France stage)
  • Crys (Sunday 28 August at 2.30 pm on the Ile-de-France stage)
  • Mitty (Sunday 28 August at 4.15pm on the Ile-de-France stage)

Perhaps, in a few years, one or more of the groups in this selection will perform on the Main Stage.

Thomas Destouches