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Sun 27 Aug

Behind Chaise longue, 2022’s summer indie-rock hit that was on repeat pretty much everywhere were two friends from the Isle of Wight. Established in 2019, for a long time Wet Let couldn’t perform any concerts because of the global pandemic. While waiting to experience this crucial step for any band just starting out, singers and guitar players Hester Chambers (the blonde half of the group) and Rhian Teasdale (the dark-haired half), patiently constructed their universe composing the songs that appear on their first eponymous album, released in April 2022. Since then, these two flourishing musicians on the Domino label have certainly made up for lost time, getting some solid live experience by touring non-stop all over the world. In this day and age, it’s certainly rare for such a young band to be so widely acclaimed.

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