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Screening - Algo-Rythm

Screening - Algo-Rythm

Saturday 13 Jul / 17:15 - 17:28

By Manu Luksch – Austria – 2019 – 13 min

With Gunman Xuman, OMG and Lady Zee Rap Musical against Automated Propaganda! This film is a delightful hip-hop musical made in Dakar with local artists and activists by net-artist Manu Luksch (known for her film Faceless produced exclusively with images captured by video surveillance cameras). ALGO-RHYTHM is the first video in a series that sets out to examine the insidious threats posed by the increasing power of algorithmic management of everyday life. An immersion in this increasingly invasive data!

In the presence of Olivier Forest and Benoît Hické, curators of the FAME festival.

In partnership with FAME