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Marine Bonamy

Marine Bonamy

Monday 17 Jun / 14:00 - 19:00

Finalist of the 2022 Prize

Marine Bonamy (1987, FR) lives and works in Brussels (BE) and Paris.

After working as an architect for five years in France and abroad, she turned to an artistic practice, that of painting and mural frescoes. She creates works on various supports, from canvas to in situ works, from painting on textile to digital drawing. The universe that drives her is organic, mineral and aquatic. She draws her inspiration from her travels, her solitary walks and her emotional memories, thus creating dreamlike landscapes that the viewer appropriates. Her line is the expression of inner emotions that are revealed through drawing as an outlet. Her artistic approach is based on a formal, plastic and experimental research of the material. Her work is based on texture, superimposition and movement: the pictorial retranscription of organic elements to question collective memory, guiding the viewer on an introspective journey.

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