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Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Monday 17 Jun / 16:00 - 19:00

Finalist for the 2022 Prize

Fascinated by calligraphy for as long as he can remember, Tom Nelson’s creativity was initially expressed through graffiti. After several years of practice, he moved on to other means of expression and began to use canvas on stretchers and recycled materials in order to keep a record of his creations.

Tom Nelson does not seek to represent a classic graffiti on canvas. He develops, over time, an abstract painting based on repetition that fades and deconstructs, becoming almost illegible through his creative gestures. His compositions are almost like a dance, a moving wave full of life. Tom Nelson uses graffiti techniques and is inspired by modern art. His imagination is rooted in Klein’s monochromes, Pollock’s vigorous drippings or Soulages’ extensive research on Outrenoir.

The moment the light reflects on Tom Nelson’s painting, the textural effects take shape and the work is revealed in all its mystery and originality.

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