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Monday 17 Jun / 15:00 - 19:00

Finalist for the 2021 Prize

For Amsted, the abstract form allows for its own interpretation, evoking undulatory elements from the organic or marine world. Just as in an environment where climatic conditions define a biotope, the artist creates her works according to the place, the sunlight, the humidity and her work surface, for a real interaction of her pieces with their environment. In this way, she creates her own biocenosis, i.e. a community corresponding to all living beings, both animal and vegetable.

For Amsted, making, undoing, redoing, leaving an ephemeral trace, weaving a thread between what remains and what evaporates is the order of cyclical movement. A graphic work but also a living one: the artist is one with the medium in the process of creation and seems to unwittingly create an ephemeral dance.

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