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Become a patron !

Become a Rock en Seine 2023 patron and support the stand-out music and art event of the end of the summer in the Île-de-France region!

Contribute to the festival’s development and to all its artistic and cultural projects as well as to its civic commitments.

Join the Côté Seine club, meet passionate company directors during annual events and, thanks to Côté Seine invitations, invite your clients and partners to experience the festival in exceptional style! Associate the festival with your image by showcasing your values and benefit from the premium rock image of the last outstanding music event of the summer. Benefit from the media coverage generated by our festival communications and leverage your patronage in your own comms.

The festival has consistently gathered the best rock and pop line-ups since 2003, with exceptional headliners and the most promising contemporary rising stars taking to the stage at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud during the last weekend of August. As well as concerts, Rock en Seine offers exhibitions, performances, talks, events and artistic discoveries in numerous areas for nearly 160,000 festival-goers in 2023!

Since 2014, Rock en Seine has a club of business patrons who support our commitments, including the musical line-up, sustainable development, Mini-Rock for 6 to 11-year-olds, and accessibility for our festival-goers with disabilities. By supporting the festival with either a financial donation or a donation in kind, you become a club member for the year.

Since its creation, Rock en Seine is a socially-aware festival that is in tune with the times! Be it through artistic choices, inclusion through accessibility to the festival site and its communication media or through its environmental, health and civic commitments, Rock en Seine is committed to making the world a better place every year.

Club membership is open to businesses of all types and sizes: local agencies, start-ups, small and medium-sized business and big companies. Your donation is tax deductible directly from your corporation tax, there’s no minimum turnover requirement and patronage starts at €2,400.

Donations to the festival are deductible from corporation tax. Donations up to €10,000 are up to 60% deductible and there is no minimum turnover requirement. Larger donations are 60% deductible up to a maximum of 0.5% of the company turnover.