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Wed 21 Aug

Who better as a prelude to Lana Del Rey’s concert than an artist who uses her music to soothe and comfort? Already the recipient of several Victoire de la musique awards (think French Brit or Grammy awards), Pomme began her musical career early while she was still in high school in Lyon. Her second album, Les Failles (2019), catapulted her to the zenith of her art. A sensitive singer, clever composer, and multi-instrumentalist with an impressive range, this French artist divides her time between France and Quebec. With her bittersweet pop-folk tunes, she has quietly won over her audience, gently, simply through the emotional and melodic strength of her records – also notable are Consolation (2022) and her Saisons (2024) collection, which comprises the albums Automne-Hiver and Printemps-Été released a few months ago.

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