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Wed 21 Aug

Her real given name was already taken by the French singer Camille Dalmais, so she chose Rori, a stage name borrowed from one of the heroines of Gilmore Girls. Like Olivia Rodrigo, Rori grew up listening to guitar rock on repeat, from Nirvana (which she mentions in her song Docteur) to Arctic Monkeys, and the young Belgian also relies on this musical heritage to create her well-calibrated pop songs. Formerly half of the duo Beffroi, this singer-songwriter from Liège released her first solo single in 2020 in the language of Billie Eilish, before returning to singing in French, becoming one of the most undeniable rising stars of French-language pop with her EP Ma saison en enfer (2023). In addition to the reference to Arthur Rimbaud, this title expresses the torments she manages to exorcise in her lyrics by putting her pain into words.

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