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Thu 22 Aug

The Leicester band has made a new start with Sergio Pizzorno now at the helm of the band he co-founded in 1997. The Italo-Brit has always been so much more than just Kasabian’s charismatic guitarist, he was the main songwriter, producer and lead vocals on certain songs. With no shortage of hits (Club Foot, Shoot the Runner, Underdog, L.S.F., Stevie, and Fire, to name just some of their rousing exhilarating anthems), the four-piece’s discography has continued to grow, initially inspired by Oasis and The Stone Roses, they soon opened the window of their musical inspiration wide open, letting in electro and psychedelia. Released in 2022, their most recent album is called The Alchemist’s Euphoria and it’s got to said, they still have both alchemy and euphoria.

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