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Thu 22 Aug

We’ve known for a long time now that this American trio led by Beth Ditto is a veritable elixir of joie de vivre, self-acceptance, courage in the face of adversity, feminist pride as well as being a formidable hit music-making machine. If you’ve been living on another planet since the noughties, drop everything and listen to their cult single Standing in the Way of Control, and the album by the same name (their third album) to find out what we’re talking about. This is how Gossip conquered the world: a soul-punk diva voice, a diabolical bassline, corrosive guitar and so much rhythm it will drive you crazy. Reunited at the end of 2023 after a few years hibernation, their comeback is accompanied by a sixth album, Real Power, due March 2024, bringing welcome new songs while still having the pleasure of hearing them perform their older numbers.


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