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Sun 25 Aug
Scène Cascade 15:00

The first time we saw Baxter Dury, he was just a little kid, proudly posing on the cover of his dad’s first album. His dad being rock legend Ian Dury, of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll fame. The little kid grew up, without losing any of his clever street urchin looks, and today he’s a stylish 52-year-old, with bevy of solo albums since his 2002 debut that include Happy Soup, It’s a Pleasure, Prince of Tears, and I Thought I Was Better Than You, released in 2023. With his instantly recognisable brooding crooner’s voice, his very British accent and his refined yet versatile songwriting, oscillating between electro-pop and pure pop, Baxter Dury is very much his own man.

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