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Sat 24 Aug

“No blokes look like Brad Pitt in the French Drôme” (Aucun mec ne ressemble à Brad Pitt dans la Drôme). The title of the Astéréotypie’s debut album that introduced them to the world in 2022 tells you lot about how unique they are. Created in 2010 as part of an educational spoken word workshop for young singers on the autistic spectrum, this French collective has grown over the years, multiplying their stage shows and work in the studio. With their razor-sharp rock that veers towards post-punk with a Diabologum and Brigitte Fontaine sound, the group bucks the stereotypes associated with people with disabilities – some of the members are also part of the editorial board of the paper Le Papotin and the Rencontres du Papotin TV show. There’s really no group like Astéréotypie anywhere in the world.


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